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Long Ago and Far Away (iTunes, Amazon, youtube, Spotify, ...)

Molecule (CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, google play, youtube, Spotify, ...)

Molecule / Slow Comet (Bandcamp)

Paul Solecki & Kaspar von Braun Facebook Page

Youtube Video

(depending on the recording method, some of the audio and/or video quality may be mediocre)

Alaska (cross continental)

Alaska (in Munich)

Molecule (in Altadena)

Seven Bridges Road (in Altadena)

The Things We've Handed Down (in Altadena)

The Close Shave (from Munich in Altadena)

Drum Solo (in Altadena)

Friends in Low Places (in Altadena)

I Need You Tonight (in Altadena)

Bye Bye Love (in Altadena)

Hokey Pokey (in Altadena)

Blues Run the Game (in Altadena)

Kosmik Debris (in Altadena)

Live in Cortez Part 1

Live in Cortez Part 2

Live in Altadena

Other Audio

Springer Storyteller Podcast (iTunes)

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